About Gaya

Mastering Your Organization

Gaya is a top-notch organizational consulting company founded in 2001. We have a unique day-to-day work concept that relies on dynamic and system-wide processes that enable us to interpret what’s happening beneath the surface.

When we consult for an organization, we approach the task as full partners who are totally committed to success. Numerous clients who have requested a targeted solution eventually chose to work with us for many years.
We have been providing some clients with continuous service for over a decade, even two.

We believe that thanks to a macro perspective and an understanding of both the overt and covert processes, it’s possible to gain significant insights and achieve applied and practical work at the organization. We see the results on site.

The leadership concept

Gaya developed LEAD and it comes with a unique and innovative language to understand the organizational world in a complex reality through which managers can observe themselves and the organization, and enable a leadership discourse for personal and organizational management development.


Gaya believes

Get the best out of people
The world has changed in recent years, requiring flexibility and constant reorganization of the systems. Within this complexity, one of our most important goals is to strengthen the leadership capabilities in the organization. And to identify the strengths and breakthrough areas of the managers and teams on their path to leading the organization to exceptional results.
Mastering Yourself
When working with managers on the perception of the leadership role according to the LEAD model that Gaya developed (link),
we focus on exploring two main concepts:
Mastering yourself
Reducing noise
Reducing Noise
Together with the managers we meet, we examine their intrinsic and extrinsic causes of noise, as well as the ability to observe themselves as managers and as an organization, in order to strengthen anchors and minimize ineffectual behaviors.

Gaya Europe

The work is done by local European consultants who have been trained and qualified at Gaya and by senior Israeli consultants experienced in guiding international managements and global executive development.

Moreover, Gaya Europe’s in-house consultants have trained and qualified dozens of self-employed consultants in Europe to work according to the LEAD model and a leadership concept that can conduct executive development and team development in numerous European countries.


3 Sapir St, Herzliya
Phone: 09-9508172
Email: office@gaya-cons.com

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