Building and Development
for Teams

Mastering Your Team

The transition from a team of individuals to a cohesive team involves building trust and processing in-depth aspects that pertain to how the team members experience the team and the work they do together.

The most effective and practical approach to coping with the organizational reality and changes, is by developing the manager’s and his team members’ ability to look ahead, analyze what their challenges will be, where the difficulties lie, and to coordinate expectations for the future. To define the factors that will successfully help.

According to the model we developed, the team building process must first be adapted to the team’s main task. Our team guidance processes include:


For teams that are just starting out on their shared path


Also designed for an excellent and “functioning” team, and for teams that are in flux ... Also designed for an excellent and “functioning” team, and for teams that are in flux or crisis.

Development and guidance
of management teams

To achieve the organization’s business goals

Development of
global management team and multinational teams

To cope with the intercultural challenges
Before each team development process, a preparatory talk is held with the team manager (and often also with the participants) to assess the team’s challenges and to adapt the most precise solution.
Part of the preparation involves administering a questionnaire and examining the team’s breakthrough areas and identifying the team’s “shadow” (ineffective patterns of the team that manifest mainly in extreme pressure and stress).

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