Mastering Yourself

Leaders’ L.E.A.D Ltd. consulting firm, together with the Gaya company specialize in guidance and development of managers through in-depth processes, has developed the LEAD leadership model relating to the chaotic reality surrounding us. The model serves as a basis for development and growth of managers.

This reality brings a big “noise” into our lives. Facing this, one must develop personal resilience, awareness, and an ability for deep courageous contemplation, what we call Mastering Yourself.

The leadership bases of L.E.A.D

Listening, Executing, Analyzing, Dreaming –

Are the leadership muscles that must be developed, strengthened, and balanced, in order for managers to be able to operate out of awareness, choice and personal responsibility. In order to deal with the ever-changing reality, we offer a personal managerial questionnaire based on the LEAD leadership concept giving each manager a personal profile for the purpose of his development, based on the questionnaire. The profile is relevant for all tiers of management in the company, and its personal development is suited to each tier individually.

The personal LEAD profile consists of four leadership bases

16 shadow behaviors
5 Levers of Growth
8 leadership zones
4 Leadership Bases

The diagnosis offers a deep view on anchors, breakthrough zones, benevolent behaviors, and ineffective behaviors – through the model’s growth engines. The profile is obtained by responding to a managerial questionnaire consisting of 48 questions filled out at the company site.

10 Minutes
48 Questions

For more information about the unique leadership model according to the L.E.A.D concept

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