Support & Guidance of Training & Human Resources Managers ?>

Support & Guidance of Training & Human Resources Managers

When the Human Resources Department knows how to use the tools at its disposal properly, it can lead important processes in the organization & properly integrate the individual into the entire organization. Gaya’s experts know how to guide the HR Team.


Guidance of Human Resources Managers

This is an ongoing process that begins, usually, in the creation of agreements on the worldview and the shared working principles of the human resources team in the company. We formulate the entirety of these agreements and principles together into a leading proactive human resources concept. The high point of the process is the diagnosis of the gaps between the ‘ideal’ and ‘reality’ in the department’s activities, a joint formulation of the priorities and creating a shared language in the human resources entity in the company.


Assistance in Formulating a Global HR Concept

The ever expanding global environment has turned management more challenging and raises new questions regarding the way in which the organization operates. In organizations where there are a number of activity centers in several different geographic regions, cultural differences, the differing time zones and the complexity of remote management all have a significant role. In these cases, the Human Resources Department must outline the organization and development of adapted solutions for communications, cooperation and work processes. While examining and thinking together, we assist the human resources team in the organization in forming a leading global team and in developing global processes of employee evaluation, development of global managers, communication processes and shared HR services.

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