Support & Assistance to Training & Human Resources Managers ?>

Support & Assistance to Training & Human Resources Managers

One of the most important links for the organization is the Human Resources Department. It is the department responsible for pinpoint recruitment of employees, assimilation of organizational & in regards to employee training & welfare & even synchronization of a number of different geographic regions (if the company is in a number of locations in Israel & abroad). The Gaya team accompanies the HR Department in two ways:

Accompanying Human Resources Managers

The accompanying process begins with the formulation of a set of agreements that bind together the organizational worldview and the joint working principles of the human resources team. Since we know and believe that the Human Resources Department can lead the most important processes in the organization, we formulate a proactive worldview jointly with you. Afterwards, we closely examine the current situation and gauge the gaps that exist in the field between the ideal situation in the department’s operations and reality, jointly formulate the priorities and synchronize all of the parties together to create a unified and common language. This accompanying process is usually ongoing.

Formulation of a Global HR Worldview

If your organization operates in a global environment, you have undoubtedly encountered quite a few questions, and rightly so. When the organization is scattered among several countries in the world, natural difficulties will often arise that are the result of the differing time zones, the complexity of remote management and even the occasional cultural difference. In such cases, the Human Resources Department needs to lead the organization to develop customized solutions that assist in bridging the communication gaps and build fruitful, collaborative relationships. We assist the human resources managers in the creation of a global team whose role it is to develop global employee evaluation processes, global executive development as well as joint communication and HR processes (Shard Services).

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