Personal Consultation for Managers ?>

Personal Consultation for Managers

Starting a new position is always accompanied by many doubts as to whether the manager succeeds in fulfilling his duties & the manner in which he expresses & realizes his unique concepts. An orderly entry into the position, while formulating personal values, objectives & indices for success can transform a challenging position into a particularly satisfying position.

Guidance in Entering the Position

The Gaya team is intimately familiar with the difficulties inherent in entering a new managerial position. Through a focused and time-limited consulting process, we begin with the basics, formulate a personal “Credo” and build supporting pillars around it. First, we focus upon an initial inquiry into the components of the position, the work environment and the challenges it invites. The meetings themselves are dedicated to learning and analyzing the position and the organizational environment. Throughout the analysis, we deal jointly with the formulation of the position’s concept, mapping the environment of the position and investigating the interfaces, the set of expectations from the position, the expected and possible conflicts and bridging the gaps between the ideal and reality.

Personal Consultation

If you require personal and in-depth work, the sort that places you at the center and is adapted to your unique requirements, you would apparently benefit from personal consultation. This framework enables you to expose your personal leadership and management patterns, as well as your unique method of operation. In this manner, we find the best way through which you will be able to realize your strengths in the organization and reduce the influence of less suitable features in your managerial behavior.

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