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Meet the Team

Amnon Katz

Organizational consultant and clinical psychologist, with an MA degree in clinical psychology from Bar Ilan University.

The company manager and simultaneously the professional manager of the Gaya branch in Poland.

Previously a senior consultant and instructor in the IDF School for Leadership.

Has over twenty years of experience in organizational consulting and development, for business organizations and senior managements.

Engages and specializes in the following fields:

  • Personal and organizational consultation to senior managers
  • Development of management teams
  • Development of global teams
  • Development of managers in Israel and abroad
  • Consulting senior managements on leading changes
  • Supervision for human resources managers


Adi Corem

Holds a BA degree in Psychology and Biology from Bar Ilan University and an MA degree in Social and Organizational Psychology from the Hebrew University.

Has over ten years of experience in personal and organizational development, development processes of managers and support of changes in organizations. Served as an organizational consultant at OD Organizational Development in the past.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Development and training of manager development programs, peer learning and group processes at various levels
  • Personal consulting for managers at the various management levels
  • Development and support of managements
  • Support of units and organizations that are undergoing processes of change
  • Support of human resources teams
  • Support of unit establishment in organizations
  • Organizational and managerial support in the employee evaluation processes, opinion surveys and interfaces

Michal Israeli

Holds an MA degree in Social Psychology from Tel Aviv University, graduate of the Group Facilitators Training Institute in Jerusalem, and a course in coach training. With over ten years of experience in organizational consulting and guidance of groups. A great deal of experience with senior managers with personal and group supports. In addition, rich experience in psychological instruction within various academic framework.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Manager developments, peer learning and group processes at various levels
  • Personal support for managers in various management levels
  • Development and support of managements
  • Support of organizations in the development and assimilation of a management competency model in the organization
  • Support of organizations undergoing processes of change
  • Support of technological organizations in the transitional stages from start-up to organization
  • Support of the Human Resources Department


Adi Kira

Organizational consultant, psychodrama therapist and group facilitator. Holds a BA degree in Psychology and Theater from Haifa University and an MA degree in Art Integrated Group Facilitation – from Leslie University. A certified psychodrama therapist – Kibbutzim Collage. A graduate of the Organizational Consultancy Program at the Adler Institute.

Prior to joining Gaya, Adi engaged in planning and implementing training activities, and supporting the local authorities in assimilating changes via “Mifam” (the operational arm of the Ministry of Interior for improvement of the performances of the local authorities). She simultaneously works in the Ministry of Education and in the Defense Ministry in the support, development and training of educational and therapeutic teams as well as processive individual and group treatment.

Specializes in integration of psychodrama in workshops as a change generating tool.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Development of managers
  • Development of teams
  • Positive psychology
  • Creativity and spontaneity in management


Sigal Mautner Siebzehner

Holds a BA degree in Educational Consulting and Sociology from Hebrew University in Jerusalem (magna cum laude) and an MA degree in Management Sciences, majoring in organizational behavior, from Tel Aviv University (M.Sc.). Organizational consultant, group facilitator and personal coach.

Consultant for Gaya since 2009, in her previous roles she managed the Women Leadership and Empowerment Unit in the Israel Association of Community Centers. Served as a lecturer in various academic institutions in the fields of management and group facilitation. She also served as General Manager of the BBYO Organization, which engages in developing leadership among youth and as training manager in the Business Development Center.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Personal consultancy to managers
  • Leading systemic and organizational development processes
  • Leading cross-organizational engagement processes
  • Building management teams and team developments
  • Development and guidance of manager development programs
  • Development of mentoring processes in organizations and workshops for personal development
  • Specialization in career development programs and personal consultancy in career transitions
  • Management and support of projects
  • Support of human resources teams
  • Supervision for consultants

Ben Danieli

Holds a BA Degree in Behavioral Sciences from the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Collage, an MA Degree in Organizational Consultancy from the College of Management Academic Studies and a graduate of the Group Facilitators Training Institute ‘Tzipori’.

Has engaged for a decade now in organizational consulting and group facilitation.

Has worked since 2014 as an independent consultant and has regularly cooperated with ‘Gaya’.

2011-2014 – A salaried employee in ‘Lotem’ in the field of organizational consultancy, including facilitation development, many and varied manager development courses, development and team building processes, personal consultancies for managers and support of organizational change processes.

2007-2011 – Consulted in the framework of “Danieli Consulting”, including support of organizational change processes, development and guidance of team development processes.

In my view, the professional performance and the business outcomes influence and are influenced by the managers’ and employees’ ‘quality of life at work’. An adapted and high quality consulting intervention shall be focused upon improving the quality of life at work while understanding the professional processes and a constant focus upon the organizational outcomes.

Ben engages and specializes in the following areas:

  • Development and guidance of workshops and courses for development of managerial skills
  • Development and guidance of team building and development processes
  • Third party intervention – Improving the work interface and relations between partners / colleagues
  • Personal consulting and support for managers
  • Organizational diagnoses at the organization, unit and team level
  • Planning and support of change processes at the organization, unit and team level

Also Ben advisor and director of the practicum

Carmel Domb

MA in occupational-organizational Psychology from Haifa University. Graduate of the 'gestalt' program from Tel Aviv University.

Experience in worlds of occupational recruitment, recruitment management and development of diagnosis tools.

Also experienced in training development and personal consulting for managers. 

In addition, functions as an HR consultant at Super-Pharm, long term consulting for managers and managerial teams.


Galit lotan

Galit is a Haifa University’s BA graduate in Psychology and a Ben Gurion University’s Master Degree graduate in Organizational Sociology. Galit is a group facilitation trainer, certified by The Group Facilitators Training Institute in Jerusalem, and a Gestalt method trainer, certified from Tel Aviv University.

A decade long experienced in organizational development and consulting. Galit consulted to IDF Leadership School on leadership matters. Today Galit is a group facilitator specializing in management and leadership development, team establishment and high level managers’ consulting.

Galit’s areas of expertise:

  • Leadership Development
  • Team Establishment
  • Team Development
  • High Level Managers’ Consulting.
  • Positive Psychology
  • D.T

Yael Shelach-Moshonov

BA in Psychology and Sociology (Magna Cum Laude) and MA in Organizational Sociology (Magna Cum Laude), both from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Graduate of the biennial program in group facilitation from The Group Facilitators Training Institute in Jerusalem.

An organizational consultant and group facilitator for over 10 years, with extensive experience in leadership development and group facilitation in various sectors.

Previously an organizational consultant at the IDF School of Leadership.

A volunteering board member of the non-profit Economic Empowerment for Women (EEW).

Areas of expertise:

  • Leadership development
  • Personal consulting to managers
  • Team building
  • Team development
  • Group facilitation and peer learning
  • Development and facilitation of management development programs

Anat Mizrahi

Anat is a organizational consultant and a group facilitator.

Holds a BA degree in psychology and a MA degree in organizational consultancy from Tel Aviv university. Graduate of the group facilitators training from Tel Aviv university.

Prior to joining Gaya anat worked as an independent consultant, mainly supporting managers in the business sector. Anat experiences in consulting managers via personal and group support.

Areas of expertise:

  • Personal and group consultancy of managers
  • development and guidance of manager development programs
  • guidance of peer learning and group processes 
  • supporting improvement processes of organizational interfaces 


Lihi Adar

office manager

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