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Meet the Team

Amnon Katz

Organizational consultant and clinical psychologist, with an MA degree in clinical psychology from Bar Ilan University.

The company manager and simultaneously the professional manager of the Gaya branch in Poland.

Previously a senior consultant and instructor in the IDF School for Leadership.

Has over twenty years of experience in organizational consulting and development, for business organizations and senior managements.

Engages and specializes in the following fields:

  • Personal and organizational consultation to senior managers
  • Development of management teams
  • Development of global teams
  • Development of managers in Israel and abroad
  • Consulting senior managements on leading changes
  • Supervision for human resources managers


Adi Corem

Holds a BA degree in Psychology and Biology from Bar Ilan University and an MA degree in Social and Organizational Psychology from the Hebrew University.

Has over ten years of experience in personal and organizational development, development processes of managers and support of changes in organizations. Served as an organizational consultant at OD Organizational Development in the past.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Development and training of manager development programs, peer learning and group processes at various levels
  • Personal consulting for managers at the various management levels
  • Development and support of managements
  • Support of units and organizations that are undergoing processes of change
  • Support of human resources teams
  • Support of unit establishment in organizations
  • Organizational and managerial support in the employee evaluation processes, opinion surveys and interfaces

Michal Israeli

Holds an MA degree in Social Psychology from Tel Aviv University, graduate of the Group Facilitators Training Institute in Jerusalem, and a course in coach training. With over ten years of experience in organizational consulting and guidance of groups. A great deal of experience with senior managers with personal and group supports. In addition, rich experience in psychological instruction within various academic framework.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Manager developments, peer learning and group processes at various levels
  • Personal support for managers in various management levels
  • Development and support of managements
  • Support of organizations in the development and assimilation of a management competency model in the organization
  • Support of organizations undergoing processes of change
  • Support of technological organizations in the transitional stages from start-up to organization
  • Support of the Human Resources Department


Adi Kira

Organizational consultant, psychodrama therapist and group facilitator. Holds a BA degree in Psychology and Theater from Haifa University and an MA degree in Art Integrated Group Facilitation – from Leslie University. A certified psychodrama therapist – Kibbutzim Collage. A graduate of the Organizational Consultancy Program at the Adler Institute.

Prior to joining Gaya, Adi engaged in planning and implementing training activities, and supporting the local authorities in assimilating changes via “Mifam” (the operational arm of the Ministry of Interior for improvement of the performances of the local authorities). She simultaneously works in the Ministry of Education and in the Defense Ministry in the support, development and training of educational and therapeutic teams as well as processive individual and group treatment.

Specializes in integration of psychodrama in workshops as a change generating tool.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Development of managers
  • Development of teams
  • Positive psychology
  • Creativity and spontaneity in management


Danny Neumann

Danny holds MA in Rehabilitation Psychology from Bar-Ilan University.

He retired from the Prime Minister's Office with 28 years of seniority in executive positions.

In his capacity as head of the Command and Leadership School in his organization, he was involved in training and certification of the commanding levels. In the past, he served as a psychologist for a special department, and among other things he enlisted recruitment, training and personal guiding for commanders.

For the past year, he has been acting as a management consultant.

Deals and specializes in the following fields:

Personal consultation for senior managers

Advising senior management to lead change.

Strategic consulting for managers.

Conducts workshops to deal with the VUCA world.

Anat Mizrahi

Anat is a organizational consultant and a group facilitator.

Holds a BA degree in psychology and a MA degree in organizational consultancy from Tel Aviv university. Graduate of the group facilitators training from Tel Aviv university.

Prior to joining Gaya anat worked as an independent consultant, mainly supporting managers in the business sector. Anat experiences in consulting managers via personal and group support.

Areas of expertise:

  • Personal and group consultancy of managers
  • development and guidance of manager development programs
  • guidance of peer learning and group processes 
  • supporting improvement processes of organizational interfaces 


Shirly Cohen-Levy

Organizational consultant, learning process developer and group facilitator.

MA in Organizational-Applied Sociology from the Haifa University. 18 years of experience in consulting processes for managers and development of learning processes and training.

Prior to joining Gaya, developed and supported organizational processes and learning processes as part of organizational development departments and training in the Prime Minister’s Office, in health care organizations, banks and others as a freelance consultant.


  • Development of learning processes and training
  • Specialization in processes of mentoring for roles
  • Development and facilitation of Manager Development Programs
  • Facilitating team development processes
  • Personalized executive consulting
  • Consulting and supporting organizational change processes

Rafael Youdelevitch

Rafael holds M.A in social psychology and M.A. on clinical psychology both from Tel Aviv University and he is Licensed Educational Psychologist

has Over 20 years of experience as an Organizational Consultant and HR Expert, with a focus on forming and implementing strategic plans, setting goals, and organizational changes as well as systemic issues and Examining, re-defining and changing work processes.

  • Strategic goal setting and implementing MBO's.
  • Planning and implementing organizational changes.
  • Examining, re-defining and changing work processes.
  • Building and developing management and organic teams.
  • Consulting and providing ongoing guidance on mergers and acquisitions.

Keren Rauch

Organizational consultant

Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), specializing in organizational consulting, BA in Behavioral Sciences, Management and Human Resources from the College of Management.

Graduate of the Group Facilitation Course, Personal and Organizational Coaching Training, studies in positive psychology and NLP Practitioner.

Previously: Training Manager in a large telecommunications company.

Over ten years of experience in facilitating, advising, supporting and developing managers and teams.

A firm believer in the People. Process. Results. Model.

My approach is focused, practical, and decisive, peppered with humor and firmly bonded to people.

Specialize in the following fields:

  • Supporting and training diverse populations within the business sector and the public sector.
  • Facilitating teams and departments on soft skills.
  • Development and facilitation of Manager Development Programs.
  • Steering teams and units toward forming a vision, values and targets.
  • Supporting and mentoring of managers for their role in one on one mode
  • Facilitating of peer learning and group processes.
  • Supporting organizational interface improvement processes.

Keren Kogan

Organizational Consultant, Group Facilitation

 Keren has an MA degree in Organizational Consulting and Development, a Group Facilitator’s Certificate from the Zippori Institute, Jerusalem. She also has  an Executive Master Coach for Personal and Managerial Coaching Certificate from ICA, the Israel Coaching Association.

She has over 15 years of experience in organizational consulting, group facilitation, and organizational learning.

Keren specializes in management consulting, leadership and team development and collaborative learning processes for personal, team and organizational growth.

  • Personalized executive consulting
  • Development and facilitation of team learning processes.
  • Development and facilitation of executive leadership development.
  • Development and facilitation of learning processes for HR teams.

Tamar Sakolski

Occupational-organizational psychologist, MA in Psychology from the Haifa University.

Works as a leadership development consultant at the IDF School of Leadership Development. Extensive experience in supporting teams from their building stage through their development in their various stages. Facilitator of leadership groups and workshops, personal-leadership consulting and system consulting.

Occupations and expertise:

Group facilitator

Team building and development

Facilitation of leadership workshops and personal development workshops

Individual consulting and personal-leadership development

Psychoanalytic-systemic consulting

Mor Levi

Office Manager

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