Management Areas & Process Guidance ?>

Management Areas & Process Guidance

gaya offers to her customers support and training in the following areas:

Support & Assistance to Training & Human Resources Managers

One of the most important links for the organization is the Human Resources Department. It is the department responsible for pinpoint recruitment of employees, assimilation of organizational & in regards to employee training & welfare & even synchronization of a number of different geographic regions (if the company is in a number of locations in Israel & abroad). The Gaya team accompanies the HR Department in two ways:


Construction & Development of Teams

The inner teamwork can be a great advantage or constitute an Achilles Heel for the organization. A team, as the name implies, teams up a number of different people. It can sometimes be heterogeneous, sometimes homogenous & is always overflowing with various challenges, both professional & interpersonal.


Manager Development

Good managers are not born like that (in most cases) but they can certainly develop & learn to be excellent managers. The role of the manager today is multifaceted & deals with both professional management & human management.


Accompanying Organizational Processes

Whether you are aware of it or not, your organization is undergoing processes all the time, yet they are especially prominent in times of organizational change. The true wisdom is to know how to navigate the processes so that they suit a predefined set of targets & objectives, to know how to identify the strengths & the difficulties in the organization & learn from successes.


Support & Guidance of Training & Human Resources Managers

When the Human Resources Department knows how to use the tools at its disposal properly, it can lead important processes in the organization & properly integrate the individual into the entire organization. Gaya’s experts know how to guide the HR Team.

מידע נוסף

Group-Guided Skills Training for Managers

Beyond the need to know how to manage processes, a manager in the organization both manages the team & guides it. The employees reporting to that manager expect him to respond to & support them regarding everything they do but that is hardly a trivial matter. In order to give the managers the tools to do so, we developed two courses that provide the managers with the abilities to manage their teams in the most fruitful manner.


Improvement Teams bring about Upgraded Results

We all live in an organizational reality that works after hours. With the technological development & the far-reaching changes in the consumer culture & globalization, even successful organizations cannot rest on laurels for a moment & are in a constant competition to learn & improve. Yet how one does this without losing focus?


Strengthening the Organizational Resilience

Sooner or later, every organization experiences turbulent periods, shocks, organizational & strategic changes or stress scenarios. It is very important (and even calming) to know that crises and low points are a natural part in any organization’s life, just as successes & high points accompany its life cycle. The trick is to know not just how to survive the challenging moments but to actually be able to grow from them.


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