Improvement Teams bring about Upgraded Results ?>

Improvement Teams bring about Upgraded Results

We all live in an organizational reality that works after hours. With the technological development & the far-reaching changes in the consumer culture & globalization, even successful organizations cannot rest on laurels for a moment & are in a constant competition to learn & improve. Yet how one does this without losing focus?

Gaya’s team of consultants understands your specific needs, at the finest resolution, maps out the correct directions for improvement and accompanies you in establishing and training improvement teams.

When should we establish an improvement team?

Improvement is always a positive process, however there are cases in which it is particularly recommended:

  • When it is difficult to perform an in-depth examination of an issue that requires improving.
  • When a number of entities  share responsibility for an issue.
  • When finding a solution for a given issue requires a concentrated effort.
  • When the need to develop methodological tools for the collection and analysis of data arises.
  • When creative solutions are required and the existing teams have difficulties in doing so.

Please note that in order to enable a supportive environment that would allow the establishment of an improvement team, it is important to have high organizational motivation on this issue.

What can the improvement team do?

These teams must deal with issues that require reexamination and creative solutions. They examine the existing situation, consider the resources available to them and propose creative solutions that would improve the existing situation. In most cases and as an inseparable part of the process that is led by the team, additional results are achieved as well, including:

  • Significant economic savings.
  • An improvement in working patterns.
  • An improvement in the employees’ satisfaction.
  • Empowering the team leaders and members.
  • Reducing resistance to intra-organizational changes while enhancing a sense of responsibility and ownership.
  • Contributing to a culture of organizational creativity and excellence.
  • Strengthening of organizational activity interfaces.


What is required for the establishment of improvement teams?

In order to achieve real results, professional and effective management is required. In addition, greater attention to the improvement teams is essential to the promotion of organizational excellence – It is what ensures success in their operation over time.

Gaya’s professional guidance relies on functions of a method, team consultancy and systemic consultancy

Our consulting guidance is conducted ‘from end to end’ – beginning at the systemic level, in the contribution to standardization between the teams and identification of cross-organizational issues, through guidance of management and executives throughout the process and ending in group and individual guidance of the team leaders and the teams’ work. In addition, it includes –

  • Professional guidance in methodology, in the method and tools of the improvement teams.
  • Development of the team leader as a manager in the process and a manager in the organization.
  • Consulting senior executives and linking the process to the systematic level.

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