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Who We Are

Gaya is a high quality organizational consultancy company, which was established in 2001. Our day-to-day work perception is unique and relies upon dynamic & systemic processes, through which we know how to decipher what is occurring beneath the surface. We believe that through a comprehensive perspective & an understanding of the visible processes on the one hand & the concealed processes on the other, it is possible to have significant & moreover applicable & practical work insights in the organization. We can see the results in the field.

What do we do?

Our team focuses upon accompanying organizational changes, development of teams (including global teams), personal consultation and development of direct managers and matrix managers at all levels. In addition, we specialize in accompanying and consulting human resources managers. We aspire to connect to your true organizational reality, in order to understand the issues that your managers and employees contend with daily and bring about true change. The change you will experience shall be manifested in the manner in which members of the organization perceive themselves, the tasks they face and the behavioral patterns that characterize the routine conduct alongside the realistic work life.

One of our most important roles as consultants is to expose concealed processes, the sort that are not easy to identify, but that are actually those that hinder the organization from achieving its objectives. Our vast experience has taught us that an in-depth organizational understanding, such that not only scratches the surface but also exposes it, helps in adjusting the desired intervention in a focused and correct manner. This understanding hides within it the potential for a very significant and large contribution for the organization and provides it with the tools to handle the tasks it faces better.

Everything Begins with Personal Attention

We believe in a dynamic, practical concept and invest considerable effort in personal and team learning via personal and group training sessions, team meetings and development of unique programs. This investment in the development of the team’s knowledge and professional capability undoubtedly contributes to the added value provided by Gaya’s team of consultants to its customers.

Our Customers

Our customers includes high-tech companies (such as PayPal, Flarium and Outbrain),retail and service companies (Super-Pharm), industrial and food companies (Coca-Cola, Tnuva and Strauss Water), financial firms (Bank Leumi, Harel), companies from the public sector (the Society for the Protection of Nature, the Herzliya Municipality),  and social organizations (HaMifal – Educational Children’s Home, Accademia (weizmann institute).

Contribution to the Community

Most or our activities are in the professional community and therefore we wish to give back. For a number of years now, Gaya has conducted a practicum program that includes accompanying by a senior team of consultants, viewing workshops, participation in team activities of Gaya consultants and volunteering consultancy to social organizations. As part of the contribution to the community, our consultants accompany the social organizations pro bono in the personal and team consulting processes and enjoy watching the many changes that take place as a result.

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