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Gaya Europe specializes in culturally adapted consultancy with an emphasis on international businesses that are conducted in Europe. Via House of Skills, our partners who operate continuously in over 20 countries across the continent, we work in the various countries & focus upon a dynamic examination of organization & in development of specific processes that are customized for every company.


Businesses that operate both in Israel and in Europe frequently encounter difficulties stemming from cultural differences and remote management. While many European consulting firms work according to methods and methodologies that are established and known in advance, we operate in a different manner: Our international team of consultants examines every organization and every task individually, perform a dynamic guidance in line with the human resources teams and combine familiarity with the local language and culture in every country with the Israeli culture and organization.

As an inseparable part of our international activity, we deal with executive development as part of a global team, development of international teams, management workshops, organizational conferences, strengthening the sense of engagement in the organization and more.

Together with us, the Human Resources Managers who face difficulties on several fronts, can bring about real change in the organization and have an effective and measurable impact.

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